Big Fly Monday: The Feather Game Changer

By: Adam Spence

For our Big Fly this week, I wanted to feature one from streamer guru Blane Chocklett. Most of you have seen his Game Changer pattern. It is a fly that is aptly named. From that platform (utilizing articulated shanks and a tapered body material), Blane and other tyers like him have created a whole family of realistic swimming flies. My favorite is the Feather Game Changer. This fly is time consuming and the materials aren’t cheap, so tie on a stout leader before fishing it!

Primary target species: Anything hungry and predatory, but I love it for smallmouth

Prime water to fish it: I would recommend the FGC in everything but really dirty water. It might also be tough in low, clear water, but everything in between should be golden.

How to fish it: I use this streamer for smallies, so I either fish it on a floating line or an intermediate line (my rivers don’t call for much else). If you were fishing for brown trout and wanted to get it in their face RIGHT NOW for that reactionary bite, full sinking line would be a good bet.

Action: The shanks give the FGC its signature s-motion when retrieved straight back. I like to fish it a little more erratically, with quick, short strips followed by a slightly longer strip and then a pause. On the pause the FGC will kick up and to the side, much like a wounded baitfish.

Colors: Your options are only limited to the colors of the Hen Saddle you can find. Mine are white with a little olive to add contrast (I also use stick on eyes), but if I could have any colors I would add some variety: natural colors for clear water, yellow and/or chartreuse for bright days and then darker colors like more olive, black or purple for dark days.


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