About Connected Guide Service

Based out of Mid-Michigan, Connected Guide Service can put you on just about any species of fish within a fairly short drive. As a student at Grand Valley State in Allendale, MI, I spent my off-days (and skipped a class here and there) targeting Steelhead. At that time, I got “the bug.” I was so on fire to be on the water fly fishing, and out of this passion, my drive to guide was born. I really just wanted to put as many of my friends as possible on some steelhead and share this awesome activity with people.

I was pursuing a degree in Physical Education, so teaching being a big part of guiding, I loved that aspect. After graduating and getting a job with ALDI, I bought a drift boat (there’s no better way to spend a lot of time rowing while your friends fish). While I was teaching many of my friends to fly fish, and rowing a drift boat while they did, I got connected with Brian Kozminski (Koz) of True North Trout. Koz and Randy Monchilov helped me to get started with guiding, and inspired me to get my own program rolling. Thus, Connected Guide Service was born. I hope you like what you see here and I hope we can share a day on the water.

Tight Lines,


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