Big Fly Friday: Drunk and Disorderly

By: Matt Peisert

For this week’s edition of Big Fly Friday, we’re going to feature a streamer designed by none other than the Fish Whisperer himself, Tommy Lynch. There are a ton of awesome streamers out there that have proven themselves time and time again, but to our knowledge, there isn’t a fly on the planet that has an action like the Drunk and Disorderly

Main target species: The D & D was designed on the waters of Northern Michigan to target predatory brown trout, but I’ve had plenty of success on bass and pike with this fly as well.

Prime water to fish it: I like to fish the D & D in water that’s up and a little stained, the flash that’s built into the fly and the “swoop and dive” action of the fly makes it fished best in water that’s above 45 degrees in most cases.

How to fish it: AGGRESSIVELY. This fly is made to swim erratically all over the place, so it’s best to fish the D &D on a sinking line near known prime lies. The epoxied, wedge head allows the fly to dive deep when fished on a sinking line with a 4-5 foot leader. There’s a number of stripping techniques you can impart on the D & D, but just keep it aggressive.

Action: Swoop, Dive, Wiggle, Rise- This fly is so deadly effective due to its tendency to be all over the place as it swims, perfectly mimicking a wounded baitfish.

Colors: There are many color combos to fish the Drunk and Disorderly, just pick a color that you think effective and has a lot of flash

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