Big Fly Friday: The Viking Midge

By: Matt Peisert


For this week’s edition of Big Fly Friday, we’re going to feature a streamer designed by one of the real OG’s of the big streamer tying movement. Anyone in this day and age that is a full-time commercial tier has our respect. Today we’re featuring the Viking Midge by Michael Schmidt. The Viking Midge is an awesome bug that can be tied in a variety of colors and sizes. The Viking Midge is a huge confidence fly in my boat because of its overall versatility


Main target species: Brown Trout


Prime water to fish it: The Viking Midge is a really versatile fly but I love to fish it in high water. Stretches of river with a lot of structure are begging to be fished with a Viking Midge
because of its ability to get down quickly.


How to fish it: The Viking Midge is a unique fly that not only has an up and down jigging motion,
but also is able to swim side-to-side thanks to the schlappen tail. When the
water’s cold in early spring, I like to fish a Viking Midge tied with heavier
eyes on floating line to accentuate the up and down motion of the fly. Once the
water warms up, I like to fish the fly with pseudo eyes that are a little
lighter and allow the schlappen to really work and go side-to-side. In warmer
water, this “S” motion tends to trigger that predatory instinct in big fish.


Action: Varies a lot, see above


Colors: Like many flies, color options vary based on what you’re fishing
for, where you’re fishing, conditions, etc. My favorite color combos for the
Viking Midge are Olive and Copper for dark days, and Chartreuse over white.


Where to Buy: Angler’s Choice Flies

How To Tie: Mike ties the Viking Midge

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