Big Fly Friday: Galloup’s Sex Dungeon

By: Matt Peisert

For this week’s edition of Big Fly Friday, we’re going to feature a streamer designed by none other than the Godfather of modern streamer fishing himself, Kelly Galloup. The fly that has maybe the most recognizable name in the game and an action that rivals the best of crank-baits; this week we feature the “Sex Dungeon.”

Main target species: Brown Trout, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass

Prime water to fish it: Water that’s wet. The Sex Dungeon can be tied in almost any color out there, so fishing it in high, or low, gin clear, or Trumoo, the Sex Dungeon can literally be fished in any scenario.

How to fish it: The Sex Dungeon has lead eyes that are propped up by the deer hair head so it doesn’t sink too fast. When I’m fishing high, fast flows, or deep, slow water where I need to get a fly down quick, I’ll fish the Sex Dungeon on a 250-300 grain sinking line. If I’m fishing some lower water that’s more “average” in gradient, I like to fish the Sex Dungeon on floating line. Usually if I’m targeting Smallmouth Bass or Pike, I’ll tend to fish the Sex Dungeon on a Short-Belly Taper floating line. Regardless of what line you’re fishing it on, or species you target, you want to jerk-strip. The deer hair head and lead eyes, paired with the marabou tail and articulation point create an awesome dying motion on the pause when you jerk-strip.

Action: The Dungeon, when fished with a jerk-strip has an awesome dying, wounded baitfish action. The deer hair head pushes a ton of water and imitates a sculpin in a lot of ways. Often when a Sculpin is spooked, it will dart downstream. Take note of this when fishing the Sex Dungeon, or any sculpin imitation.

Colors: There’s no limit on the color options for the Sex Dungeon. A white streamer is always fun to fish because takes are easy to see, but the best color I’ve found to fish a sculpin imitation in is one that matches the color of the bottom of the river.

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